Founding Family


HomeWaters founder Donny Beaver comes from a family that loves the outdoors. He grew up with a fly rod in his hand near the world-class Spruce Creek and hunted with his dad as soon as he could hold up a rifle. The passion for the outdoors runs generations deep in the Beaver family. 

Pam and Donny Beaver
Donny & Pam (2007)

In the 1920s his great-grandfather, Samuel Beaver and his children, Glenn, Paul, Margie, and Pete (Donny’s grandpap) built a hunting and fishing cabin along the banks of the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River. Four generations grew up learning to love the outdoors at Camp Beaver.  

That is, until 1971 when the Army Corps of Engineers condemned the Camp to create Lake Raystown. Donny went off to college in 1970. When he returned in 1974 Camp Beaver no longer existed.

HomeWaters began as Donny’s vision to replace what he and his family lost at Camp Beaver and more importantly to create a place where families can build their own outdoor legacies to carry on for many generations to come. 

HomeWaters would not exist today if it weren’t for Donny, his wife Pam and sons, Troy and Josh. They all played a part during the Club’s formative years from the Club’s founding in 2001 through 2012. In 2012 Donny turned over the day-to-day operations of HomeWaters to member and friend, Kip Dellinger. He went off with his sons to start another business they continue to work at today. 

HomeWaters’ members, families and guests, and the Club’s employees are truly thankful and appreciative for the insight, time and financial investment Donny and his family have contributed over the years. Thanks to them HomeWaters is a place where families can build their own outdoor legacies that will carry on for generations to come.