Stream Reports



December 1, 2021

We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and it was special sharing that time with those of you who chose to spend the holiday on the water fishing with us at HomeWaters. Last week brought some of the colder weather of this fall and with that the mornings fished slower, but during the late morning and afternoon hours of the day the fishing was pretty good.

This week is forecasted to warm up into the 50's Wednesday and 40's on Thursday, but daytime high temperatures are forecasted to fall back into the upper 30's for the weekend and following week. The current forecast shows small chances of precipitation, but for the most part anglers can expect partly cloudy skies. 

Our trout streams are hanging on with water levels that we would consider normal for this time of year. It's been awhile since we've received significant precipitation and that combined with colder water temperatures our water is crystal clear. However, these are water conditions we expect to fish during the late fall and early winter months.

This time of the year nymph fishing is the golden ticket to consistently put fish in the net. Eggs are still working well, but we are moving towards the time of year that the majority of the spawning is about over. Midges and Baetis nymphs are also producing fish, but patterns that have a little extra flash or color are helping to get fish to react. Selecting a good fly is always important, but for this time of year the most important thing is making sure flies are fished low and slow on the bottom.

We generally encourage anglers to focus on fishing the 4 or 6 hour days we offer this time of the year. Look for the late morning to afternoon hours to be your best bet. A shorter day focused on prime hours is usually more productive and enjoyable for anglers taking advantage of winter fishing.