Stream Reports



May 31, 2023

It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend at HomeWaters for anglers choosing to spend their holiday weekend at the club. This spring continues to be dry as it's been nearly a month since we've had significant rainfall, and as a result, our water levels are much lower than typically expected for the end of May. 

When weather circumstances like this occur, I can’t help but be thankful that the majority of water in our streams comes from deep underground springs. These springs are very consistent in flow and temperature despite the amount of rainfall or ambient temperature outside. What shrinks are the sources of water that come from shallow aquifers and runoff. When streams are at these levels, that we call “spring level”, they tend to be quite clear and can present more technical fishing that can be more challenging, but also very rewarding. 

It is still the month of May, the hatches have been good and the fishing has been as expected when there are bugs around. We had the best Green Drake fishing on Spruce Creek and the Little J that we’ve had in quite a few years. Overall, this year’s hatches combined with stream conditions have made this one of the best springs in recent memory.

The forecast for this week calls for more of the same dry weather, but a bit warmer with high temperatures climbing into the upper 80's Thursday through Saturday. It does not look like the heat will hang around too long as it is forecasted to drop back down to much cooler temperatures in the 50-70 range by the middle of next week. Anglers can expect mostly sunny or partly cloudy skies with chances of rain on Monday and Wednesday of next week.

Dries, Dry-Dropper, and Small Nymphs fished under Yarn Indicators have all been working the best to catch fish. Fishing lighter tippet and smaller bugs has been productive as well as a stealthy approach.  By adapting to conditions anglers are experiencing very good fishing considering conditions. The primary bugs on the water recently have been a mixture of Caddis, Sulphurs, and Summer Blue Quills (Paraleps).



We have had an amazing Spring with the best dry fly fishing many members can recall in recent memory. We still have plenty of trout fishing to be excited about this season, plus smallmouth fishing on the Juniata is just a few weeks away.

Kyle, Andy and George are all ready to begin summer bass floats in just a few weeks once the fish have finished their spawning and recovery. Andy will be unavailable for wade fishing trips in July and August as he stays closer to home to concentrate on bass fishing. We have him marked unavailable on our reservation system, but he will have availability for bass floats. Give us a call if you would like to get something on the books to spend a day on the river with Kyle, Andy or George.