Stream Reports



August 17, 2022

A cold front settled in over the weekend bringing a drastic change to the very warm summer weather of recent weeks. Over the weekend high temperatures dropped back into the low 80's with night time temperatures reaching down as low as the 50's. 

A light rain fell Sunday evening into Monday morning that provided a touch of color to the water but did not impact flows. Water levels are slightly below average for this time of year but still fishing well considering the overall dry summer we've had. 

This week is forecasted to be dry and mostly sunny, however, the beginning of next week is calling for chances of thunderstorms. Our area could use the rain and any rain we receive would only further improve the fishing conditions. This week's forecast looks to be another awesome week of weather for August fishing as the day time highs are to be in the low 80's with nights down into the 50's.

The cooler weather should help improve the trout fishing this week. Fishing summer water conditions can be a little more challenging and technical, but taking that into consideration fishing with Dry Dropper Rigs has been very productive. Carrying a variety of attractor style, dry flies and an assortment of small, lightly weighted nymphs helps put more fish in the net. The primary bugs on the water remain Tricos, Paraleps, and Terrestrials. 

The Juniata River continues to provide anglers with smallmouth bass float trips that are a truly amazing experience. The fact that 4 of our guides took the day off to fish together over the weekend speaks for itself. Popper and Dry Fly Fishing has been pulling fish to the surface consistently as well as the subsurface offerings producing high numbers of fish to the boats. Some very nice fish were caught last weekend as opportunities at large fish have been happening almost daily.

With a continued week of favorable August fishing weather and conditions, it's a great time to fish with us at HomeWaters!