Stream Reports



DECEMBER 13, 2023

So far December has been kind to anglers taking advantage of productive late fall fishing opportunities here at HomeWaters. With seasonally warm weather and water conditions in great shape, the last couple weeks have offered some of the better fishing conditions of our fall season.

Over the weekend with temperatures in the 50's mother nature brought another dose of rain that fell most of the day Sunday into Monday giving all of our streams and rivers another boost of water. Water conditions are currently about perfect for late fall fishing with flows a little higher than average and a greenish color in the water. We expect these great water conditions to stick around for at least the upcoming week.

Air temperatures this week are also forecast to be favorable with the daytime highs for the middle of this week to be in the low 40's. Over next weekend, the weather is supposed to be even warmer with high temperatures almost reaching the 50 degree mark Friday through Monday. With the nights cooler and days shorter we do still expect that the best fishing of the day will take place from late morning to the afternoon hours. Anglers can expect sunny or partly cloudy skies while the current 10-day forecast does not include any chance of precipitation.

With temperatures near 50 degrees and the water a bit higher than average, we expect the nymph fishing to be very good over the next 10 days. Anglers can expect flies such as egg patterns, midges, Walt's worms, and flashy attractor style bead head nymphs to put fish in the net. With water levels elevated, fishing streamers lower and slower next to structure should also entice some larger fish.

In the middle of December it's hard to ask for much better weather and water conditions for a day of late fall fishing. The upcoming week should be a good one for anglers looking to spend a day on the water, come fish!