Stream Reports



September 15, 2021

Last week's fishing conditions were about the best we could ask for during the late summer and early fall season at HomeWaters. With the sun shining, dry weather, and temperatures ranging from the 50's to 70's it was perfect to comfortably spend a day on the water. As you would expect, with great conditions and great weather came great fishing.

The next 10 days call for similar weather with daytime high temperatures in the low 80's and night time temperatures in the low 60's. September's cooler nights but warmer afternoons often make for a very pleasant day of fishing. Over the next week there is very little chance of rain in the forecast as most days should be partly cloudy.

From Ida, our water levels are still holding on a good bit higher than average and the clarity consists of a clearish green color we usually see during the spring. Water conditions on Spruce, Penns, and Yellow Creek are prime. As a result the fishing with nymphs has been especially good for this time of year. The Little J is also in good shape and anglers spending a day on it recently have reported doing well with nymphs and streamers.

It's still that time of year the Tricos and Terrestrials are the bulk of the bugs on the water. Although, over the last week a mixture of a few Caddis, Blue Quills, and Slate Drakes were also around. A variety of nymphs imitating the genre of these bugs has been working best, but eggs and worms are also catching fish with the creeks full of water.

By the end of last week the Juniata River returned to fishable shape and we were back in the drift boats floating for smallmouth bass over the weekend. Water levels are higher than average for this time of year, but the clarity is perfect. The subsurface game with crayfish imitations was on fire over the weekend, and fish were caught looking up with poppers near the banks as well. This week's forecast of weather and conditions should be excellent for topwater smallmouth fishing. If you are looking for a day of smallmouth fishing, the next month will present the best time for the remainder of the year; so take advantage.

Whether you are wading the creeks for trout or floating the river for smallmouth bass, it should be another excellent week of early fall fishing at HomeWaters.