Stream Reports



December 4, 2019

Over the past several years, the weekly stream report has become a popular and anticipated communication for our members and guests. Once a week, HomeWaters' experienced guides and staff provide stream conditions, hatch information and advice on what flies to use when on the water. Be sure to visit this page for the most up-to-date information on all of our Club’s streams.


The extended forecast looks very favorable for December fishing in the Spruce Creek Valley. Water conditions are in good shape for fishing this time of year.

Look for nymphs and streamers to account for almost all of the fish put into the net this time of year. Anglers could see a couple Blue Winged Olives and Midges in the afternoons.

The next couple weeks are the best chance to get another day or two on the water before winter is here!


Yellow Creek is in great shape right now, and the long term forecast looks favorable for fishing. 

Now that December has arrived, we’re in the time of year where the fishing formula doesn’t change much from week to week. Subsurface fishing will continue to be the most productive way to get fish in the net over the next several months.  Assorted attractor patterns, eggs and streamers are typically the best options. 

Keep an eye on the forecast over the winter months, any warming trend in temps will provide a great opportunity to slip out for a day of great winter fishing on Yellow Creek.


Similar to Spruce Creek, the extended forecast and good water conditions look favorable for December trout fishing.

Nymphs and Streamers will be the best bet for putting fish in the net. Water temperatures on Penns Creek are usually a couple degrees warmer through the winter and a good option for winter fishing.

Anglers could see a couple Blue Winged Olives and Midges in the afternoons.


With flows around 250cfs, water levels are just about average for this time of year on the river.

Nymphing with eggs and small nymphs worked well for anglers on the water last week during the mid-morning and afternoon hours. Streamers are also not a bad choice this time of year.

Anglers could see a couple Blue Winged Olives and Midges in the afternoon. If you are wading around the Little J, keep an eye out to not walk on redds where fish are spawning.


At the end of our sixth week of fishing in Erie, rain brought another fresh batch of fish into our water in Steelhead Alley and the fishing was good.

Now that the Thanksgiving Holidays are over, we will be resuming steelhead fishing with anglers on the water again all of this week and weekend.

Temperatures in the extended forecast look favorable for December steelhead fishing, and with continued precipitation water conditions should be in good shape. The next few weeks will provide anglers the best chance to catch steelhead before the year is over!