Stream Reports



December 1, 2020

Rain at the beginning of this week provided some relief to the low and clear water. The current 10 day weather forecast remains pretty good for fishing conditions this late in the year. Nymphing with Egg Patterns and Small Nymphs will be the best bet for putting fish in the net.

Overall it's been an excellent year of fishing on Spruce Creek, and the general consensus with everything that was going on, there was an even higher appreciation from anglers for a day spent on the water.

Throughout the winter anglers that pick out mild forecasts, and fish shorter hours that focus on the middle of the day will continue to find good fishing!


The seasons are changing again and the long cold nights of winter are here as the 2020 fishing season slowly comes to an end. We had some of the most challenging water conditions in years on Yellow Creek but it still produced many big, beautiful trout and continues to do so.

Bug activity has been slow, but there is still an occasional BWO or Midge hatch coming off through the warmest part of the day most days, which always gets the attention of a few hungry trout.



Rain at the beginning of this week provided some improvement but Penns Creek still needs more rain to get water conditions closer to normal.

Penns Creek fished excellent in the spring, but tougher this fall with water conditions much lower than average. Anglers on the water over the last week caught enough fish to make the day worth it while fishing Egg Patterns and Small Nymphs.

When we do get some rain and flows come back to normal, Penns Creek is usually an awesome watershed to fish during the winter months!


Rain at the beginning of this week kept the river in great shape when compared to water conditions in previous months.

With flows near the 300cfs mark, water conditions are in great shape to nymph with Egg Patterns and Small Nymphs. If you'll be staying at the club over the winter months it's usually worth taking a walk down to the river on mild days to catch a fish or two during the late morning to afternoon hours.

The club property is a great area to take your fly rod for a walk in the winter!


This week’s high water brought a fair number of chrome fresh fish into the streams, which provided a 20 fish day for a lucky pair of anglers. Conditions should remain favorable as the recent snow melts, and there is more rain in the forecast. 

The latest run of fish were primarily males. We expect larger female fish to be coming shortly. Steelhead are migratory fish, and fishing varies every day. Because of this we recommend scheduling 3 days in a row if your schedule allows.

There is still good fishing to be had through the month of December as long as temperatures don’t get cold enough to cause the streams to ice over. 



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