Stream Reports



OCTOBER 4, 2023

Although this weekend was warmer with daytime high temperatures in the upper 70's, October is now here, and it is definitely starting to look like it with the leaves changing color in recent days.

This week's forecast is calling for that warmer than average 70 degree weather to fade away with more seasonal fall weather settling in for the weekend. After Friday the long term forecast is calling for daytime high temperatures to be in the mid to upper 50's with night time temperatures dropping into the 40's. There are chances of showers on Friday and Saturday of this week, but otherwise anglers can expect partly cloudy skies.

Stream flows are slightly under normal and very clear. Considering that, the fishing has been good on Spruce Creek, Yellow Creek, and Penns Creek. Any rain that we would receive in the current forecast would only improve water conditions and help the fishing. 

Favorable water temperatures have helped make the fish more active, and anglers have done well with Dry-Dropper and Nymph Rigs fished under small indicators. Fish are still being caught on Dry Flies to some extent, but Nymphs/Droppers fished on 5x tippet have been the most consistent method for catching fish. The primary bugs on the water are a mixture of Caddis, Paraleps, Ants, and small Blue Winged Olives.

Smallmouth Bass float trips are still taking place on the Juniata River and offering good subsurface fishing with crayfish and minnow baits as well as streamers and flies on the fly rods. This time of the year we often expect anglers to catch lower numbers of fish when compared to summer float trips, but the average size of the fish tends to be larger and makes up for it. With the warmer than average weather and current forecast we would expect good smallmouth fishing to stick around until at least the middle of October for those interested in sneaking another float in this season.

October is a beautiful time of the year to spend time on the club properties fishing and hanging out. The weather changing back toward a more true fall forecast should only keep making it look and fish more and more like fall. It's a popular time of the year to be at HomeWaters, and for good reason!