Stream Reports



July 14, 2020

The water levels on Spruce Creek are holding up well for summer fishing, however the water is clear.

Temperatures are also staying in good shape, especially for anglers hitting the water a bit earlier in the morning through the early afternoon. Over the last week fishing big, dry flies has been a lot of fun and productive on big fish.

Dry Droppers and Nymph Rigs are also working well as the primary bugs have been Paraleps and Terrestrials.


We continue to see some great summertime conditions on Yellow Creek, water temperatures have been holding in the mid to upper 60’s most days with low clear conditions.

Top water action has picked up with the current conditions, Paraleps, Baetis, and Terrestrials have been good choices along with large Attractor Patterns.



Water levels on Penns are low and clear, but still in pretty good shape considering the time of year. Water temperatures are cold and rarely a concern in our area of Penns Creek.

The fishing can be technical on Penns Creek this time of year, but anglers on the water have had good days with Dries, Dry Dropper, and Nymphs. The primary bugs on the water have been Paraleps and Terrestrials.



The water conditions on the river are low and clear, and with the warm weather lately it's important to monitor water temperatures with stream thermometers.

It's usually best to hit the river earlier in the morning before temperatures rise. A variety of techniques are working to catch fish such as Dries, Dry Dropper, and Nymph Rigs.

The primary bugs on the water recently have been Paraleps and Terrestrials.



Over the last week, we've had summer smallmouth trips rolling on the river regularly. It's been great to be back floating the river, and in terms of this year's smallmouth fishing, it's just the beginning!

The water levels are a little lower than average for this time of year, but in good shape for fishing. Over the last week, we've had good fishing with both poppers and subsurface with flies and gear resembling crayfish.

If you are interested in floating the river for smallmouth this summer, now is a great time to book a trip!