Winter Fly Fishing - Pick the Prime Hours

Winter Fly Fishing - Pick the Prime Hours

In our area of Pennsylvania we still have good winter time fishing options on our water at HomeWaters. For anglers that can arrive easily on short notice, the winter months can be a great time of year to capitalize on nice days that are mixed into the forecast.

On any given day during the winter months, fishing the prime hours of the day usually works out best for the fishing and fishermen.

During the winter on our streams it is usually best to fish during or after the air and water temperatures rise for the day. If the water temperature rises just a couple of degrees, that can be all it takes to increase fish activity.

Because of this, I’ve found that mid-morning to early-afternoon hours provide the most consistent results for winter fishing. Focusing on the middle part of the day is usually when air temperatures are most comfortable for anglers, and water temperatures are most conducive to productive fishing.

When fishing in the winter season, I usually fish four or at maximum six hours per day. I often try to be on the water around 10:00am, and most days I will be packing up by 4pm at the latest.

A full 8 hour day during the winter might be possible, but is most often longer than the day needs to be to cover the productive hours of fishing. It’s also usually much more comfortable and enjoyable for anglers to fish a shorter day that is focused on prime hours.

This timeframe for winter trips matches perfectly to our 4 hour or 6 hour guided trips. By picking the prime hours during these months, it will help set you up for a productive and enjoyable day on the water.

If you are booking a day to fish at HomeWaters this winter, definitely give consideration to the 4 and 6 hour guided trips we offer to focus fishing time during the prime hours of the day.