The Stewardship



HomeWaters strives to be good stewards of the natural resources we have been blessed to manage. Our program is designed to provide an unrivaled fishing experience that is sustainable year after year. It may have been best summed up years ago by our fisheries manager who stated, “If you take care of the fish they will take care of you.” At HomeWaters, our fish are not just the product, they are our business partners.


The secret to our management philosophy is limited pressure. Our properties are divided into sections we call beats. These are designed to fish up to two anglers for an eight hour day. A beat is fished no more than 15 days in a calendar month… even during peak fishing seasons. This practice, along with catch and release, single barbless hooks, and guide requirement on many beats insure a fishing experience found few places in the world.

Fly Box

Our conservation efforts support our mission to provide a hugely successful day of fly fishing every time to every member or guest, but that’s not the only reason we do it. We know that each mile of protected water and land represents a mile of natural resources saved for generations to enjoy long after we are gone.


Over the years HomeWaters and our landowner partners have implemented multiple bank restoration and stream improvement projects to promote and maintain healthy stream environments. Below is an example of one of many structures that were created a few years ago on Yellow Creek. The photo on the left was taken less than a year after the work was completed. The photo on the right was taken a couple years later. Notice how the vegetation has matured, and the natural look of the added structure.