From the limestone spring creeks of central PA to the prolific smallmouth fishery of the Juniata River and the fabulous steelhead tributaries near Lake Erie, the Club’s portfolio of gold medal waters offers its members, families and guests top-flight fishing experiences, within easy driving distance of where they live, work and play.



Spruce Creek holds a reputation as the host of fly fishing dignitaries from all over the world, including many US Presidents. Dwight Eisenhower loved Spruce Creek and Jimmy Carter still visits friends every year. HomeWaters Club is fortunate to maintain private access to over two miles of the best stretches of Spruce Creek.

Thanks to its prolific year-round hatches and abundance of large trout, Spruce Creek yields hundreds of trout in the five to seven pound range from its waters each and every year with more than a few topping the ten-pound mark.


Yellow Creek located in Bedford County is not the best known stream in the Club’s portfolio, but there are none better. It is especially a favorite of our Members based in the Washington, DC and Baltimore areas. HomeWaters maintains several miles of access on Yellow Creek. This classic limestone stream has many tributaries and springs providing cold, sweet water in the first ten miles.

As you move downstream from where Yellow Creek originates, the fishing ranges from a small meadow stream that demands ultimate stalking skills to a big limestoner more than 50 feet wide on our downstream properties.


Penns Creek consistently ranks in the top 100 trout streams of North America on all lists. Most anglers are familiar with the sprawling waters below Coburn and their famous Green Drake and Sulphur hatches. However, just 10 miles upstream from Coburn, Penns Creek bursts from the ground at a rate of 21 million gallons a day and forms the headwaters.

The Club is fortunate to manage approximately three miles of the private headwaters which harbor many trout over five pounds.


By many accounts the Little Juniata River is one of the premier trout streams in the Eastern US. Always one of Trout Unlimited’s Top 100 Streams, the “Little J” boasts a large variety of hatches and thousands of wild brown trout per mile. HomeWaters members and guests enjoy access to 1.3 miles of the Little J downstream from the confluence of Spruce Creek.


Twenty Mile Creek is a slate-bottom beauty close to the New York border. This ¾ mile long steelhead property is only a few hundred yards from Lake Erie. It sees some of the hottest and freshest chromers that are literally only a few minutes out of the lake. The “Black Hole” below the falls creates a bottleneck with scores of fish stacking up waiting to make their way upstream.


The Club’s amazing stretches on Elk Creek are for the true steelhead enthusiasts. The 15-minute walk down to the stream is well worth it when you see the two hundred foot cliffs and feel the solitude only broken by the sound of monster steelies ripping your reel.


This gem of a limestone stream sits in southern Blair County approximately 20 minutes from HomeWaters' main property in Spruce Creek. HomeWaters manages one beat on Clover Creek.


The main sport fish on the Juniata is the smallmouth bass. The Juniata is the perfect smallmouth habitat and the number of bass in the Juniata is rather remarkable. Fish sizes range greatly from yearling fish to true trophies in the 20-inch class. A day float on the Juniata offers a great addition to a summer trip at HomeWaters.