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Dear Fly Fishing Enthusiast

Thank you for your interest in HomeWaters Club. Since the Club’s founding in September of 2001, HomeWaters has grown to become one of the premier fly fishing clubs in the world. Today, the Club provides our members and guests many miles of private access to some of the best trout streams in Pennsylvania. 

World-Class Fishing

Over the years HomeWaters has become known for the large number of really BIG brown and rainbow trout that live in our streams. This is accomplished with careful management of the blue-ribbon streams running through our properties. Key tenets of our management practices are catch and release fly fishing only, single barbless hooks, limited fishing pressure (no property is fished more than 50% of the days in a calendar month), and arguably the best cadre of knowledgeable guides in the world. These practices insure a high-quality experience every time a member fishes a Club property.

Many Ways to Access the Fishing and Facilities at HomeWaters Club

As we’ve grown over the last 20+ years, HomeWaters has added facilities and amenities to our flagship property in Spruce Creek, PA that makes us a great destination for more than just fly fishing. Because of this, we’ve created a number of ways to access facilities and services. Our non-member Retreat Program provides the casual-guest access, Emerger Packages are designed to allow a prospective member a test drive of the Club, and there are two categories of Membership offering eight levels of access.

Retreat Program – Provides non-members access at ala carte rates, more than 8 months a year.

Emerger (Short Term Access) Packages – Packages designed to provide prospective members the experience of membership before committing long term....think of it as a test drive.

Escape Memberships – Introduced in 2015 these seasonal memberships provide all the benefits of membership more than 8 months a year.

Horizon Memberships – Only Horizon Members can access HomeWaters best streams at the best times of the year.

Membership Availability

To learn more about this program contact the Club’s Membership Director, Mike Harpster, for up-to-date information on membership availability at (814) 686-6214 or email him at


The Emerger Packages are designed to provide limited access to the Club's streams for anglers that would like to first “test the waters”. There are TWO different levels of Emerger Packages to choose from: Member-for-a-Day, and the Seven-Day Emerger.

One-Day “Member-for-a-Day” Package

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Here are a few words from recent first-time visitors to the Club. “…a perfect introduction to trout fishing for her. Brad was wonderful and very patient…” “…What fishing!!! Please send me membership information when possible…” “…Can’t wait to get back out…” Well, we couldn’t say it any better ourselves.

The Member-for-a-Day Package includes a night of lodging, full day of guided fishing on Club’s private property, breakfast, lunch & dinner for one or two anglers. The package price is $999 for one or two guests. For as little as $499.50 per guest, plus taxes, license and gratuities, come experience the Club like a member….for a day!

Note: Member-for-a-Day packages are designed as an introductory package and are not meant to replace membership. An angler may only purchase one Member-for-a-Day package per lifetime.

SEVEN-Day Emerger Access Packages

The Seven-Day Emerger Package allows an angler and a guest to enjoy seven days of private fly fishing access to the Club’s portfolio of 10+ miles of the best trout waters in the Lower 48 states, with no blackout periods. As a Seven-Day Emerger, you have three years to use the seven days of access. These days can be taken all at one time or used a day or two at a time. Each day includes 8 hours of guided fishing on a private Club property, flies and rental equipment if needed, breakfast (if utilizing Club lodging) and lunch.

The price of $9,500 for the Seven-Day Emerger provides access for two anglers each day.

Should you decide to apply for Membership within a year from purchasing the Seven Day Emerger, a portion of your package cost will be applied toward your new membership. Amount varies between $250 and $1,500 depending on category and level of membership. See the Membership Director for further details.

Note: Certain blackout dates apply for the Member-for-a-Day Emerger Packages based on season and location of Clubs waters. Emerger Packages may be scheduled up to 60 days in advance based on availability. The Club limits the number of active Seven-Day Emerger Packages at any given time. Call for availability.

Please contact the Club’s Membership Director, Mike Harpster, for up to date membership information and availability at (814) 686-6214 or email him at


The Escape Memberships were introduced in 2015. These memberships provide member access during our underutilized months of the year a much lower cost.  Escape memberships allows you to benefit from the consistently good fishing available on our waters in early spring, summer, late fall, and winter, unlike many streams in Northeast US.

Escape Memberships provide access to HomeWaters to our facilities and trout streams in PA during the following time frames each year

  • January 1st - April 14th
  • June 21st - September 14th
  • November 1st – December 31st

Escape Members also enjoy Smallmouth Bass Floats access each season.

There are three Escape levels of Membership.

The Escape Membership

The Escape membership is the lowest cost membership ever offered by HomeWaters. With an initiation fee of just $2,250 and annual dues set at $1,100, the Escape is designed to be attractive to a varied audience.

Over the years, many businesses have used the Club through our Retreat Program for off-site strategic planning sessions, board meetings, employee rewards, and client entertainment. Since many of these uses involve little or no fishing, a membership focused on fishing didn’t make sense.

Because the Escape Membership doesn’t focus on our private (and expensive to provide) trout fishing on Spruce, Penns, and Yellow Creeks, we are able to offer it at a much lower price point.

Escape Members have unlimited access to Club lodging, meeting facilities, food service, and sporting clays. Plus, they receive 20% member-discount for all fly shop purchases, and have member access to all partner opportunities; such as pheasant hunts at Trophy Mountain or Spring Lane Hunt Clubs. Escape Members will have unlimited access to the Club’s more than two-miles of streams designated as open water beats on the Little J, Clover and Yellow Creeks during the Escape times of year.

Escape Members can fish the Club’s guided trout beats one day a year at member rates. Additional days on guided beats can be added at 15% discount from Retreat Rates.

The Escape 5 Membership
This membership provides 5-days of guided fishing access on the Club’s guide optional and guide required beats, plus all the benefits that come with the NEW Escape Membership.

The Escape 5 requires a one-time $4,950 initiation fee with annual dues of $4,550. Included in the dues each year is $1,600 of pre-paid Club usage credit.

The Escape 10 Membership
This membership provides 10-days of guided fishing access on the Club’s guide optional and guide required beats, plus all the benefits that come with the NEW Escape Membership. Escape 10 Members also have access to the Club September 15 – October 31 as long as reservations are made less than two weeks in advance.

The Escape 10 requires a one-time $8,850 initiation fee with annual dues of $6,200. Included in the dues each year is $2,500 of pre-paid Club usage credit.

For more detailed information on each Escape Membership contact Mike Harpster at 814-686-6214, or e-mail him at


The Horizon category of memberships has been designed to suit the needs of a wide array of fly fishing anglers and their families. There are membership levels that provide as few as 7 days of access annually to Corporate levels providing as many as 45 access days.

The Horizon 7 Membership serves as our entry-level membership. Originally designed for the fly fishing angler that has a limited amount of time to fish due to the demands of family and work. The membership provides 7 days of access for a member and a guest to guide-optional and guide-required beats each year. Plus, unlimited access to the Club’s open-water designated beats. Annual dues for this membership include a usage credit of $3,500 that can be used towards fees for lodging, guides, meals, etc. The Horizon 7 provides the member the flexibility to use the 7-days of access any time of year and in any combination of lengths that add up to 7 days of use at any of the Club’s locations in Pennsylvania. Reservations may be made up to 90 days in advance during peak seasons and one year in advance during other times of the year. Members may have one outstanding reservation in the system at a time during peak seasons.

The only level of membership offered to new member applicants is the Horizon 7 Membership. We’ve learned this is the best way to assimilate new Members to the Club and insures a new member does not over commit to the amount of access they will need. After one full year of membership in good standing, a Member may choose to upgrade to the Horizon 14 or 21 Membership based on current availability.

The deposit required for a Horizon 7 is $29,500. It is 70% refundable or harvestable. Annual dues are $9,500 including the $3,500 annual usage credit.

Privileges and fees for Horizon 14 and 21 Memberships will be provided upon request.

Please contact the Club’s Membership Director, Mike Harpster, for up to date information on membership availability at (814) 686-6214 or email him at