4 Tips for Comfortable Fly Fishing During the Winter

It always pays to be well prepared for a day spent on the water fly fishing. In the winter, being well prepared for the conditions can be the difference in fishing comfortably… or not.

We are fortunate to be located in an area where it’s possible to fish for trout all year. Sure, in the winter some days are colder than others. I usually spend the coldest days inside tying flies to get my “fishing fix”.

However, I usually spend at least a day or two a week in a pair of waders fishing, even if its cold. By being well prepared for a day spent on the water during colder temperatures, it’s possible to fish comfortably. Let’s talk about a few tips for comfortable winter fishing:

1. Bootfoot Waders – Cold feet are one of the most common problems for anglers during the winter. Bootfoot style waders are much, much warmer than the stockingfoot style waders we all love. Having a pair of bootfoot waders for the winter months can be a day saver.

2. Gloves/Handwarmers – It’s hard to fish with gloves on, but having a pair nearby to warm up your hards for a couple minutes makes a big difference. Handwarmers can speed up the process, and they are a great addition to pockets on colder days.

3. Dressing in Layers/Outerwear – Pretty much everyone knows that dressing in layers is important for keeping warm. Outerwear also plays a large role in cutting wind and holding heat in. Even on dry days, a raincoat equivalent is a solid choice for outerwear during the winter.

4. Catch a fish – Funny, but it’s amazing how catching a nice trout will warm you up!

There is no doubt that some anglers handle the cold better than others. Whatever temperature it is that you consider cold, use these 4 tips to be more comfortable on the water.

We will keep an eye one the conditions this winter to keep you informed of warm spells and optimal conditions. If you’re like me and can’t wait all winter to fish again, talk to Joel to get set up for a day or two on the water.

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