Dressing for Winter Fishing Weather

Penns Winter Brown

Even on some of the colder days of winter, it is still possible to fish comfortably. As long as the weather is within reason, I find some days through the cooler months to be as enjoyable as any other time of year.

I admittedly get “cabin fever” quite easily, so I’ve become accustomed to spending much of my time on the water.  However, I’d like to think it is because I know how to dress appropriately.

Dressing the correct way and being prepared for cooler temperatures makes fishing during the winter months much more enjoyable. Use the following tips while you’re getting dressed for your next trip chasing steelhead or winter trout fishing:

  1. Bootfoot Waders. Stocking foot waders are great for comfort and walking long distances. However, boot foot waders help keep your feet much warmer due to them not being compressed tightly against your foot.
  2. Hand/Foot Warmers. Whether you tuck them in your pockets or in your boots, they can make a significant difference in helping to stay warm.
  3. Dress in layers, but make sure your outside layer is windproof. I prefer my outer layer to be Gore-tex due to being windproof, waterproof, and helping to hold heat inside.
  4. Underwader Pants. I prefer fleece. It’s amazing how warm they keep your legs while in the water wading.
  5. Merino Wool Socks. They play a vital role in keeping feet warm while wicking away moisture.
  6. Gloves. Even if you don’t like fishing with gloves on, they are nice to have in the event you need to quickly warm your hands.
  7. Extra Clothes. It’s always nice to have the option of adding layers, and it can be very helpful to have an extra set of clothes in case you would happen to get wet.
  8. Catch a fish. While this is intended to be a joke, you would be very surprised how hooking and fighting a nice fish has the ability to take your mind off the weather.

As long as weather stays within reason like it has so far this year, it is still very possible to fish comfortably during the winter. When dealing with colder winter weather, use these tips to help make your fishing trip more enjoyable.

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