Where to Fish on Brighter, Sunny Days

Where to Fish on Brighter, Sunny Days

A recent trip brought to mind the importance of targeting the right holding spots on brighter, sunny days. Trout prefer cloudy, overcast days much more than bright sunlight. However, that does not mean that bright sunny days are bad.

Although there are certain sections of streams that hold fish at every moment, there are other sections that hold more active fish in certain situations. Certain sections of water tend to fish much better during bright, sunny days.

So why do trout dislike bright sunny days? After a conversation with fellow guide Joe McMullen, I can tell you that trout don’t have pupils like humans. And, I suppose it’s also safe to say that they don’t have access to sunglasses…

What they can do is hold in shaded sections, faster-moving riffled areas or deeper water. These tend to be the most productive sections of water on brighter days. The fish in the slow moving and clear water are usually tougher to catch during direct overhead sunlight.

Last week while fishing on Spruce Creek, we noticed a period of the day that the sunlight was directly hitting the water. During this time period, it was obvious that the shaded sections of water or faster moving sections of water were much more productive.

Keep shaded sections, faster-moving riffled areas or deeper water in mind on brighter, sunny days.



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