BWO's and Big Fish...


Big fish and blue winged olives has been the theme as you can see in the picture above that I took last week. The warmer weather, active feeding fish and presence of bugs created that spring time feeling we’ve been waiting for through the winter.

There were enough blue winged olives present that allowed us to catch some fish on dries, emergers, wets and nymphs. Varying technique certainly paid off as there were different fish keying in on the bugs in different ways.

The fish were “rising”,  but some of them were eating bugs that were suspended just underneath the surface. When a fish breaks the surface to eat, it doesn’t always mean that dry flies are the correct answer.

On some recent trips last week, we were able to fool many of the fish that were “rising” by fishing emergers and wet flies just below the surface. This can be a stellar technique when the fish are eating bugs as they are hatching.

It’s a good time to be thinking about your next day here on the water. Several of the guides, myself included, have recently tied some blue winged olive patterns. In case your fly box needs a few blue winged olives, ask Joel or check them out in the bin at the fly shop.




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