Wading Cautiously


A nice brown caught last week on Spruce Creek.
A nice brown trout caught last week on Spruce Creek. Well done!


It’s easy to get caught up covering water quickly while constantly searching for the next fish.

As I continue to get older, I’ve noticed that my approach while fishing has slowed down considerably (you’re allowed to laugh at me for thinking that I’m getting older by approaching the age of 24). Nonetheless, I now often wade around and approach sections of water more slowly.

One very good reason to wade slowly through sections of water is it’s safer. If you take your time while wading, there is a much lower chance of falling in or losing your footing. Being cautious to maintain proper footing also minimizes disturbing the water, which results in disturbing less fish.

Approaching a section of water slowly also helps an angler get in position without spooking fish. Not spooking fish can be important especially in low, clear water.

I’ve also found that it’s much easier to notice the little things with a slower and more cautious approach. You may spot a large fish that would have gone unnoticed if passed by too quickly. You might also notice a fish feeding or a bug hatching if you take more time to look around between taking steps and making casts.

The next time you are on the water, think about wading cautiously and approaching the water slowly.



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