Fly Casting: Look Before You Cast


At times, it seems that there’s nothing worse than catching a tree or bush on a back cast. It’s not really something to be embarrassed of — everybody gets caught in trees. Nonetheless, it is frustrating to tangle rigs, lose flies and waste fishing time due to being caught on something other than a fish.

Trout love canopy and other structure that give them the ability to duck around or under for cover. The places that are often the most obstructive towards casting are some of the best spots that hold fish.

Today’s tip is short, but it will save you countless hours of getting your backcast on trees or bushes. Look before you cast.

It really is that simple. The best way to avoid getting hooked on limbs or other canopy around areas that hold fish is to be aware of them before casting. If you are aware of possible obstructions that are located around you, then it’s possible to develop an approach that will result in a fish, not a snag.

The fishing has been solid as of late, but fishing near shade and structure has been important as the water is low and clear. As the weather cools and days shorten, fall is always a beautiful time of the year to spend on the water. On your next trip, remember to take the extra second to look before you cast, it will save you from wasting valuable fishing time.

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