Fly Fishing March: A Favorite Month to Start the Season

Fly Fishing March: A Favorite Month to Start the Season

I like to fish all year long, and we are lucky that in our area of Pennsylvania it’s entirely possible. While I do enjoy winter fishing, an exciting time of year for anglers is when spring starts creeping closer.

March is that early spring month that really sparks the start of the season. During most years, winter starts breaking sometime around March. March can offer a variety of weather so anglers should be a little flexible. However, as the days get longer in March the weather on most days is very manageable, and the fishing makes it worth the effort.

When I think of fishing in March, what immediately comes to mind are nymphs, streamers and big trout. There can be some dry fly fishing in the early spring, but those opportunities are much more limited (a good discussion for a future blog post, stay tuned). March is a great month to get back on the water. We see a lot of very big fish in the net during this month.

As the weather breaks, the fish usually become much more active than they were during the winter. In the early spring, the water is usually in great shape and often a little higher than average. This creates an opportunity to catch big fish with their guard down… literally.

March is probably one of the most underrated months for fishing here in Pennsylvania. Personally, March is a favorite month of mine to really get my season started.

Start the year off right with an early spring trip this March. If you need to get a few days on the water scheduled, give Joel a call.

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