Fly Fishing Tips: How to Stay Dry & Comfortable on Rainy Days

Fly Fishing Tips: How to Stay Dry & Comfortable on Rainy Days

As a fly fishing guide, I usually welcome rain. Rain can create small periods that our water is unfishable, but ultimately the extra water keeps our fish happy, and can lead to great days of fishing.

I realize that I’m stating the obvious when I say that it has rained a lot this year. But, it has rained a lot this year, and I’ve spent many days guiding this year in the rain. Like most things in life, preparation is the key to enjoying a rainy day while fly fishing.

Following these tips will keep you dry and comfortable on rainy days, which makes it much easier to enjoy a great day of fly fishing.

  1. Rain Jackets-All rain jackets are not equal. Wearing a high quality, durable raincoat makes a big difference in comfort on soggy days. Being prepared with an extra rain jacket is also a good idea. Being able to switch to a dry raincoat at lunch or after rain slows down can be a nice option on damp days.
  2. Extra Dry Layers-Any day that I spend on the water I come prepared with extra layers in my truck. On rainy days I make sure to have a couple extra dry mid-layers ready. It’s not unusual to end up damp from rain, even when wearing a rain jacket. At lunch, or after rain slows down, I ditch my mid-layer that is damp, to feel dry again. Changing out of damp gear can make a big difference in comfort.
  3. Extra Dry Hats-Along the same line of reasoning as to why I bring extra dry layers, I always make sure to have extra hats that are dry. Being able to replace a wet hat with a dry hat also makes a huge difference in comfort.
  4. Wet Gear-Gear gets wet in the rain. Even when using waterproof fly boxes, waterproof packs, and covering up under rain jackets, gear gets wet. With wet gear being hard to avoid, the best way to keep your gear working properly is making sure that clothes, waders, jackets, fly boxes, rods, etc. are left out to dry in between days of fishing. It sounds pretty simple, but something as little as putting a fly rod away damp will leave you with mold on the cork grip.

Being well prepared for a rainy day on the water can be the difference between being miserable or being dry and comfortable. Embrace rainy days; they often lead to some of the best fishing conditions.

With the rain we continue to receive, we are set up well for a great fall season of fishing. If you need some time on the water, talk to Joel to set up your next day of fishing at HomeWaters.