Fly Fishing Tips: Nymph Methodically

Fly Fishing Tips: Nymph Methodically

Anglers that nymph methodically are usually rewarded with more fish in the net. Sure, there are times that it pays to fish a larger amount of water in a quick manner. However, anglers that take the time to approach nymphing in a slower, more systematic approach are often rewarded.

There are a lot of variables that work for and against each other in fly fishing, especially while nymphing. For example, to catch a fish an angler must fish the right riffle, select a fly the fish will eat, adjust depth on an indicator correctly, add or subtract the correct amount of weight, etc.

Under most circumstances there is not only one rig that will work for an entire section of water. Each time an angler moves to the next holding spot, adjustments must be made for the new situation. Anglers that make more adjustments, try numerous drifts in the same spot, and cover water methodically usually find more fish in the net at the end of the day.

There are some days that the fish eat more aggressively. On days where the fish will only eat if everything is just right, a methodical approach to nymphing prevails.

The next day you are on the water try being as methodical as possible while nymphing. On your next guided trip, make sure to be aware of the reasons why adjustments to rigs are made. Take note to which changes produce additional strikes and try to duplicate the process.

It’s a great time of year to hone nymphing skills during a guided day on the water.

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