HomeWaters Fly Fishing: Beats for the Mobile Angler

Rainbow Trout

Do you like being mobile while you fish, enjoy covering large sections of water, or prefer being able to fish through a beat going spot to spot? If the answer is yes to any or all of those questions, then these are the beats at the club for you.

Yellow Creek – Lower Big Meadow: The stream restoration project on the meadow has really increased the amount of fishable water on this beat, but in a way that still allows the beat to look and feel the way it should naturally. It’s a long beat, that offers many different spots to fish across a variety of water types. It’s the perfect beat for the angler who wants to be mobile, cover water, use a variety of fishing techniques, and experience a “big meadow” that is unique to our club beats. It has the potential to fish well, pretty much all year long given the right conditions, however the Trico fishing in the mornings from mid-July to the end of summer stick out in my mind as one specialty this beat has to offer.

Penns – Forest: If you enjoy walking through the woods and fishing in complete solitude, this is the beat for you. Designed for the mobile angler who really enjoys covering water. The big fish relate to structure, so fishing streamers is usually in the mix if an angler wishes to do so. Fishing close to this structure, and fighting big fish around this structure is not always easy. However, easy fishing is not the point of the Forest. It’s a challenge that offers unique stories and a higher level sense of accomplishment. Wear waders even in the summer as extra protection from bugs, weeds, bushes, etc.

Penns – Spring Farm 1 & 2: These beats are very similar to the Forest with a slightly different setting and water type. The atmosphere consists of a combination of woods, meadows, and farm fields. Because the water is a little slower and deeper in more areas, Spring Farm offers probably the most consistent dry fly opportunities for rising fish on Penns Creek. Similar to the Forest it is also excellent water for fishing streamers. These are both long beats that are best suited for mobile anglers who can cover larger sections of water and fish many different spots. Wear waders even in the summer as extra protection from bugs, weeds, bushes, etc.

Out of all of the club’s water, these 3 beats definitely best cater to the mobile angler. All of these beats are long and best fished by an angler who can go from spot to spot. Not only does moving around allow for a constant change of scenery, it also allows anglers to fish a variety of different spots that each create their own mini-fishing experience.

If it’s time for you to spend a day out and about on the water, give Joel a call so he can help get you on the schedule.