5 Quick Tips For Fishing Dry Flies

It’s now May and getting to be that time of the year where we consistently have the luxury of fishing dry flies to rising fish. Taking the time to go over a few quick tips will help make time spent on the water during a hatch more productive.

1. Catch one fish at a time. It’s not hard to feel lost when there’s a heavy hatch that causes a bunch of different fish rising around you. By concentrating on one fish, it’s easier to figure out the right pattern… and focus on the correct drift.

2. Focus on short drifts. Land the fly a foot in front of the fish you are targeting. Drift it past him. If he doesn’t eat it, pick the cast up and try it again. It’s more efficient and effective to make short drifts.

3. Keep the fly dry. It’s hard to keep a fly dry and floating properly without the help of fly floatant. There are a variety of types available in the fly shop. I like Gink and Frog’s Fanny.

4. Try to pick patterns that you can see. It’s much easier to know your casts are correct, keep track of your fly, and detect strikes if you can easily see your fly. Hi-Vis style flies can come in handy in low light or fast moving water.

5. Watch what bugs are ON the water. If you are having trouble figuring out what fly fish are rising to, take a look in the water. There are times when there will be a variety of bugs in the air, some of which may or may not be in the water where they are readily available to the fish.

These are just a few quick tips that will help you put more rising fish in the net. Sulphurs have started hatching. It’s a good time to take advantage of active fish feeding on the surface.


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  1. Thanks for your tips. I agree that it is a good idea to use a pattern that is easy for you to remember and follow. However, I do think that it is also a good idea to go out with a buddy who is better than you. Yes it can be a little demoralizing, but the help you get will be invaluable. You will get better faster with help.

  2. Thank you for the help. I am going on a fly fishing trip with a couple of friends soon. I like the idea of noticing what bugs are on the water, as you mentioned. Do you ever go out without your gear to notice what the fish are going for so that you can bring the right flys?

  3. I love fishing with my son, and I’ll make sure that I follow your tips the next time I go out. I’ll make sure to not get too excited, and miss opportunities that are given to me. That way I can make the most out of the few opportunities that I get.

  4. Great tips Kyle!

    Particularly like the one about focussing on one fish only. Learn their pattern, follow their every move and you’ll have a far better chance of catching them.

  5. Thanks for your helpful tips. Actually, I am a new fisher and trying to catch fish since last week. But trust me, I didn’t do fishing which makes me satisfied. I needed some tips like this article. Thanks again for your valuable tips. Now I’m fully inspired and excited to go for my new fishing project.

  6. In your post, everything composed was actually very logical and these tips are really very amazing. I am looking for these type of information and this informative post ends my search in a very impressive way. These tips help me a lot while fishing. Thanks for sharing.

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