Smallmouth Bass Float Trips are Back in Action

Smallmouth Bass Float Trips are Back in Action

After waiting nearly a month through rain and high water, the Juniata River is finally back in shape. With a summer that has dealt more than its fair share of high water, the recent dry spell is exactly what we needed to get back on the river. Water conditions are still higher than average by the standards of most summers. However, the water is now cleared up and levels are in good shape to fish.

The river was back in fishable shape two weekends ago, and we have been on the river for smallmouth bass trips nearly everyday since. It feels great to be back in the boats floating, and the river is fishing well.

Recently a number of different techniques are putting bass in the net. Poppers are bringing nice fish up to the surface, but the action is a little less consistent with the extra water in the river. The popper fishing should continue to get better as the water continues dropping towards normal. Stripping Crayfish and Minnow Patterns is also working well to catch fish under the surface. Having the option to add spinning rods into the mix for certain situations also adds to the variety.

The overall consensus from members that have floated with us so far this year is that fishing for smallmouth is a lot of fun, and the Juniata is a beautiful river to spend a day floating on.

It’s not too late to think about a last minute smallmouth bass float this year. If you’ve spent a day floating with us this summer, thank you it’s been a blast! If you still have a trip scheduled for this year, we look forward to seeing you on the water!