Smallmouth Float Trips: How Fishing From a Drift Boat Adds to the Experience

Smallmouth Float Trips: How Fishing From a Drift Boat Adds to the Experience

A lot of anglers think of trout fishing the West when referring to float trips in drift boats. However, a drift boat is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a day spent fishing our large river systems for smallmouth bass in Pennsylvania. An integral part of the smallmouth bass trips we offer at HomeWaters is a fishing program that is designed around floating rivers in Clackacraft Drift Boats. Here are a few ways how fishing from a drift boat can add to the experience.

Comfort & Stability- We believe that the Clackacraft Eddy boats that we use are the most comfortable and stable drift boats on the market. With padded fold down seats, level floors, and casting braces, anglers of nearly any age or physical ability can enjoy a day spent fishing from our boats. In addition, floating in drift boats on our low gradient river systems in Pennsylvania is a very relaxing boat ride.

Visual Fishing & Scenery- Having the higher vantage point of fishing from a drift boat provides anglers a visual advantage on targeting river structure, spotting fish, and the ability to visualize eats. Floating down a river in a drift boat is also an enjoyable way to take in scenery and observe other forms of nature and wildlife. Put simply, you can see more and it’s fun to watch.

Ease of Access- The Juniata River is 104 miles long and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission provides access points with paved parking lots and boat ramps spaced roughly every 5 miles. By choosing to fish the river in drift boats we have easy to access, floatable options regardless of water conditions nearly every day of the season.

Covering River Miles- I feel as though floating a river in a drift boat makes an angler feel connected to the river in different ways than wade fishing. Thinking about floating and covering a river in 5 to 10 mile sections at a time provides a much broader daily fishing experience. By fishing a river in sections 5 to 10 miles long from a drift boat anglers are able to cover much more water in a day which leads to more productive fishing.

If you’ve never fished with us in our drift boats at HomeWaters, don’t miss out on the excellent float trip experience we have to offer, right here in Pennsylvania. From now until October is the peak season of summer and fall smallmouth bass fishing at HomeWaters; reserve your dates while they are still available!