2018 Steelhead Season Off and Running

2018 Steelhead Season Off and Running

Last Monday we kicked off the 2018 Steelhead Season in Erie. Many of you are aware that the members that fished last year, Joe McMullen, and myself were all very excited to get back to Steelhead Alley this fall after what was such a great Steelhead season last year.

Today marks the end of the first week that our guided trips, and it’s pretty safe to say the 2018 Steelhead Season, is off and running.

Over the last week, our guides had a number of different groups of members on the water. If you fished with us over the last week it was a blast, thank you!

Two different substantial batches of much needed rain caused the creeks to blow out over the last week. The rain really allowed the steelhead season to get underway as it filled the creeks with water and brought in fresh fish. As is often the case with Erie Steelhead fishing, rain is usually your friend.

Last week we experienced good days of fishing, and have been pleased with the numbers and size of the fish. Overall all the trips went well, and some members have already booked their reservations to return next year! With more rain and typical steelhead weather in the extended forecast, we think that fishing conditions look favorable for the weeks to come.

Thanks again to those of you that fished with the club in Erie already this year. If you have a trip on the books in the future, we look forward fishing with you. If it’s been too long or you’ve never fished Steelhead with the club, it’s definitely not too late to get in on the action this fall!