What Keeps Us Coming Back to Steelhead Alley...?

What Keeps Us Coming Back to Steelhead Alley...?

We always look forward to being in Erie for Steelhead Season every year. As the 2019 season is about to get underway, I wanted to talk about what keeps us coming back to Steelhead Alley year after year.

The Setting.

Both of the Erie Tributaries which we fish are very unique when compared to the Club’s trout streams in Central Pennsylvania. It’s not a better or worse comparison, the two areas are just very different from one another.

The creeks are a bit larger in size, offering a little extra room to fish, but a slate bottom makes navigating them very manageable. Both creeks also offer a large variety of water types including riffles, runs, depressions, and pools.

For the most part, they are away from the road, bordered by very high cliff walls, and provide the illusion that you are fishing out in the wild. There are even a few waterfalls. The Vineyard, Seclusion, and Shangri La are all very beautiful pieces of water to spend a day, or two, fishing.

The Fish.

Steelhead are large, very strong, high energy fish. When you fight with a Steelhead, it is a battle, even on a 7wt fly rod.

It’s ordinary for Steelhead to take leaps through the air and rip line off of the reel with long runs. In some ways, nymphing for steelhead with indicators is similar to the trout fishing we all love. Fishing streamers can also be very productive, and explosive.

Every fish put in the net feels like a victory. It’s the sort of feeling that you only understand and can’t wait to duplicate after you catch your first Steelhead.

If you have fished with us in Erie before, you know how much we love putting members onto Steelhead. This year is a great time to revisit Erie if you haven’t been steelhead fishing in awhile. It’s also a great time to make your first trip and cross Steelhead off your bucket list.

There are still good dates available during primetime in November. Give Joel a call to schedule an Erie Steelhead Trip.