Why Anglers Need Polarized Sunglasses

Every angler should come prepared to fish a day on the water with a pair of polarized sunglasses. I firmly believe that my sunglasses are one of the most important tools I bring to the stream.

I think many anglers know that looking through a polarized lens will help spot fish that would otherwise go unnoticed. However, a polarized lens will also help cut the glare on the top of the water, making tracking a fly or indicator much easier and showing structure within the stream. Being able to see better above and below the surface of the water will also aid in detecting strikes, which will directly lead to more fish in the net.

After your eyes are trained to explore the stream, spot fish and detect strikes through a polarized lens, you will be amazed at the visuals pick up on. That’s why I believe that my sunglasses would be one of the tools that I would miss the most if left at home.

In addition to serving as a useful tool, sunglasses are a great form of eye protection while fly fishing. For safety reasons, I encourage every angler to wear some sort of glasses (no matter what the fishing conditions are like).

It’s a great time of year to brush up on your sight fishing skills by experiencing the visually appealing fishing conditions of summertime.

Make sure you’re prepared for your next day on the water with a pair of polarized sunglasses.

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  1. As a solid general rule, I get what I pay for. I do not believe any brand has any secret technology in the polarizing, or glass game. Lots of great brands out there. I currently wear Costas and Gargoyles. I like them both. Lens tint means everything when seeing through glare on water though. And the best color lenses are dictated by the brightness and color of the light in the environment and the color/clarity of the water. Lots of variables. Generally though, darker lenses work best on brighter days. Conversely, lighter lenses for darker days.

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