Dry Fly Fishing: Summertime Sight Fishing

Sight fishing to large fish with dry flies has become part of my daily routine as the conditions approach summertime norms. When the water becomes a bit lower and clearer in the summer, I find that it’s a great opportunity to utilize dry flies.

When the water is at summertime flows, it’s very possible to pull fish to the surface for a dry fly. Beetles, Ants, Stimulators and Parachutes can all be great options depending on the day. The larger style dries are fun to watch the fish eat and can also serve as a great indicator for a dry-dropper rig.

Dry-dropper is a tool that I frequently use in the summer. I feel as though a large dry fly disturbs less fish while it’s in clear water – as opposed to a strike indicator. It’s easier to cast accurately, and it’s very sensitive to subtle takes. In addition to being a great tool, it’s very visual when a fish decides to eat a larger dry in summertime water conditions.

Sight fishing is a big part of effectively fooling these fish on dry and dry-dropper rigs. During summertime flows, it can be easier to spot actively feeding fish. Spotting these fish ahead of time will allow you the opportunity to approach them before they see you.

Large fish suspended in clear water are not easy to fool, but it can certainly be exciting. The approach into the spot, cast to fish and drift must be perfect. When all the pieces of the puzzle come together, and that big fish sucks down your dry fly, it’s very rewarding.

Over the last week, I have thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of watching large fish get caught with big flies on dry and dry-dropper rigs. Give these techniques a try during your next day on the water.

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  1. I love how fishing can be so fun and it is such a great reward when you catch something. So, other than being enjoyable, you also get a good meal out of it! I will have to try sight fishing and see how it works for me.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, thank you. Recently, my husband has decided to invest in fishing as a hobby. This will be helpful for him to read! Thank you!

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