Bootfoot Waders: Keep Your Feet Warm

Now that December is starting and temperatures are cooling down, being dressed appropriately is important to feeling comfortable while on the water. A question that I’m frequently asked is, “What’s the secret to keeping your feet warm when water temperatures are cooler?”

Cold feet is a common problem among anglers that fish in cold weather or water. Keeping your feet warm is a major factor that can dictate whether, or not, you are comfortable while fishing during the winter months.

To prevent having cold feet while fishing, there are two main tips that can make all the difference.

  1. Bootfoot Waders – Many anglers find that Bootfoot style waders may not be as comfortable, or suited to walking long distances as Stockingfoot style waders. Although, the extra space that surrounds your foot in Bootfoot waders is much better at keeping feet warm. If you struggle to keep your feet warm, try wearing a Bootfoot wader during the winter months, and save Stockingfoot waders for the rest of the year.
  2. Wool Socks –  Not only is wool a great insulator, it helps wick away moisture. There are many types of wool socks and options available today that help keep feet warm.

So far the weather has been pretty mild, and very manageable. Don’t let the cooler weather keep your from missing out on fishing time this winter. Try using these tips to keeping your feet warm and staying comfortable on the water.


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