Last Week's Winter Fly Fishing Adventure


Two weeks ago Roland and Grace, a father-daughter combo, decided to brave the winter weather for a day of fly fishing on Spruce Creek . As they were traveling through the area last week, they had one day that sneaking a fly fishing trip in along the way would be possible, so we gave it a shot.

The weather was very cold. There was ice on most sections of the stream. Based on conditions, it had all the makings of what could of been a slower day on the water. Although, as I frequently say, it’s the river that has the final say on what the fishing will be like.

We loaded up with layers of clothing, hand warmers, toe warmers, and a pot of coffee. Being prepared for the conditions can make even the coldest days on the water much more comfortable. It’s important to mention that an inside, sit down lunch with hot soup was also very helpful to staying warm all day.

Spruce Creek does not usually see ice. Even on the coldest days our “Six Springs” section of water is usually open when there is ice on the rest of the creek. I broke a little ice off of edges of the stream, and we decided to give it our best shot.

We ended up having a great day of fishing that was very productive given the conditions. Not only was the fishing worth our effort, but it was an adventure that all three of us will remember fondly.

Below are some pictures that I think you will enjoy. If you get the itch and decide you can’t make it through winter without a day on the water, talk to Joel and he can fix you up.



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