Fly Rod Grip: Place Your Thumb On Top

I often say that fly fishing is a game of inches. Meaning, all the little aspects of fly fishing make a big difference in the results of putting fish in the net. Today’s tip is a little one that can make a huge difference in casting.

While holding your fly rod, I instruct anglers to grip with your thumb on the top of the rod. Like many other sports, technique is important to achieve distance and accuracy. If you have your thumb on top of the rod while casting, the rod will follow your thumb. Having your thumb on top of the rod will allow for better control and help generate power while casting.

If you do not currently hold your fly rod using a grip with your thumb on top, making the transition may feel awkward. It may take some time to adjust, however, in the long run it will benefit you greatly and help you to become a better caster.

If you would like some casting instruction while on the water fishing, just ask your guide and he will be happy to help. If you would like to receive casting instruction outside of a day of fishing, talk to Joel and he can help you set something up.

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