Fly Fishing March: Starting the Season

A very nice brown caught during a mild day in March on a Blue Winged Olive.

If you have spent any time talking with me about times of the year to fish, it’s no secret that March is one of my favorite months.

Part of this could be the angler in me that is thrilled to be back on the water after winter, but it’s also for good reason. March is a great month to get the season kicked off and get rid of cabin fever.

The weather in March can still be a bit chilly, but it’s not uncommon to have a strong mixture of warmer, mild weather as well. As winter weather breaks, the fish start to turn back on for the spring making March a great month to fish. In addition, our streams are typically full of water and in great shape during the early spring.

It’s also not uncommon for anglers to catch big fish that are eager to eat again after slowing down for the winter. While it is possible to catch a big fish just about any day on the water, the month of March tends to give up a few extra big fish for those able to get on the water.

While March is not usually the first month talked about when discussing “hatch season,” it can offer solid bugs. During a normal year, Blue Winged Olives usually start hatching towards the last half March. If you happen to be on the water for a BWO hatch in March, it can be a lot of fun.

If you are ready to get the season started with one of my favorite months to fish, talk to Joel and he can get you fixed up.

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  1. Kyle, what streams to you guide on that are open now. How will those streams fish in March?

  2. Bob,

    We are able to guide on Penns Creek, Spruce Creek, The Little Juniata, and Yellow Creek. Whether, or not, a stream is open right now really depends on the specific location of where you are fishing. March is typically a great month to fish because winter weather breaking will turn the fish on for spring. A March like this winter when there is a nice mixture of mild weather can be especially good fishing. Hopefully that helps, tight lines.


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