Fly Fishing: Fish that Got Away & Stories for Another Day

Mitch “posing” with a fish that slipped away while we were trying to take a picture. Thanks for being a good sport Mitch.

Fish can get away when a strike is missed. Fish can get away when they wrap themselves around logs and rocks. Fish can get away when they jumped through the air out of control. Fish can get away if a hook bends, line tangles, or tippet breaks. Fish get away when they jump out of the net before the picture is taken.

I think you get the idea, sometimes fish get away. A lot of anglers think that guides are just being nice when they say, “Bummer man, but sometimes they just get away. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

While your guide is being nice for saying that, the truth is sometimes the fish win too. In my opinion, the fact that the fish can win is part of what makes fly fishing a sport that anglers can become so passionate about.

As many of you know, I spent way more days on the water than off. I have a lot of fond stories of fish that anglers have caught. I also have a lot of memories of fish that got away. The fish that got away make pretty good stories for another day as well.

It’s the fish that have gotten away that really keep me awake at night. There’s no doubt that landing nice fish, and having great days on the water keep anglers coming back. But, I think the fish that get away keep anglers coming back as well.

My advice. When a fish gets away, just remember they have to win sometimes too. The fish that get away will keep anglers coming back, and make great stories for another day. Having fish get away helps us cherish the ones where everything works out.

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