Fly Fishing Gear: 4 Gadgets Worth Carrying

In the world of fly fishing, there are now an endless number of gadgets available to perform just about any task. So where does an angler even start when deciding which gadgets are necessary?

Here are four gadgets that I feel are worth carrying for nearly everyday spent on the water.

  1. Forceps- A gadget that I really could not spend a day on the water without would be a pair of forceps. Forceps play a vital role in quickly and efficiently removing flies from trout. It’s not only easier for anglers, it’s easier on the fish.
  1. Hook Hone- A hook is arguably the single most important part of catching a fish. As hooks catch snags, the points can become nicked or dull. Carrying a hook hone lets anglers keep hook points sharp and intact.
  1. Wading Staff- A wading staff sort of falls into the “it’s better to have it and not need it” category. On larger rivers such as the Little J, or even on rocky sections of smaller bodies of water such as Spruce Creek, a wading staff can be a lifesaver.
  1. Thermometer- A stream thermometer gives anglers the ability to monitor water temperatures. Water temperatures effect trout behavior. Tracking water temperatures will help provide insight toward how trout behave as water temperatures change.

If it’s time to add a few gadgets to your arsenal in preparation for a day on the water, talk to Joel in the fly shop and he can get you set up.

5 Responses
  1. This fish was caught by club member Drew Seibert on the Spring Farm section over on Penns Creek. It certainly was a good looking brown!

  2. Actually I am not expert on fly fishing…. But the way you advised to use these four gears, that looks effective

  3. I like how you say that a stream thermometer is helpful to have when fly fishing. It would be good to consider the temperature of the water because this would affect you. It would be important to be properly outfitted before you go on a fly fishing trip.

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