A Cool, Wet Summer & How It's Helping the Fishing

The conditions so far this summer are pretty much the opposite of last year, both the fish and fishermen are very happy.

Last year the weather was warm, and very dry for an extended period of time. As a result the water was low and clear creating some more technical fishing conditions at times.

So far this year we are experiencing a cool, wet summer. Most day time air temperatures we are seeing the warmer parts of the day top off at around 80 degrees. In addition to the comfortable weather, rain continues to roll through almost weekly.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. This is all well and good, but how does it affect the fishing? Let me explain.

A cool summer like we are experiencing this year in a blessing. Thanks to cooler weather, water temperatures on the streams we fish have all been in great shape. The cooler weather helps for cooler water, which keeps the fish more active. It’s also a lot more comfortable for anglers on the water.

All the rain we received so far this summer is also a blessing. Rightfully so, fish love water. The more water there is, the happier they are. The rain is keeping the water conditions in great fishing shape so far this summer. A little extra water helps keep fish spread out, and creates fishing conditions that favor anglers.

With all the rain, and cooler weather the fishing this summer has been a lot of fun. I think that everyone can agree that fishing more is better. This summer is a great time to fish more.

If you are due for a day with us on the water, give Mike Harpster a call at 814-686-6214 or email mharpster@homewaters-club.com.

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