Fly Fishing: Cast Close By First

A nice brown that was the product of making an initial cast close-by.

How does that old saying go? Thats right, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. While it is a saying that I’m sure has been applied to many things in life, we can certainly also apply it to fly fishing.

One of the things I try to preach during a guide day on the water is making first casts into a new area short and close-by. Many anglers are shocked at how many fish they can catch right under their rod tip.

Many anglers also have a strong desire to cast to the far bank. It’s a hard urge to settle, I know, but anglers that fish close by before casting to the far side reap dividends.

Why? Sometimes during higher flows casting fly line over fish doesn’t bother them. However, during lower flows or clear water, casting fly line over fish can spook or discourage them from eating. Giving the fish close to you a chance to eat before casting fly line over them will never hurt.

By starting with casts to fish close by and working your way out to fish farther away, it maximizes the number of fish that can be caught out of an area. If an angler immediately casts to fish further out, they might miss out on catching the fish close by.

I know that far casts are fun, and the far side usually looks so fishy, but always try giving the fish close by a chance first. You just might be surprised how many fish you catch near you before reaching the “greener side”.

The next time you are on the water, try to fight the urge to immediately cast to the “greener grass” on the other side of the stream. If you need to make the next time you are on the water sooner, talk to Joel and he can fix you up.

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