Fly Fishing: Don't Fish While Wading

Another angle of the large brown trout from last week caught on Spruce Creek. Matt, congrats again!

This week’s fly fishing tip is a simple one that I’m sure every angler has been guilty of at some point, myself included. Don’t fish while wading. While taking a couple steps to a different spot, it’s always best to not make a cast until in position.

Whether it’s the excitement of a new spot or getting in as many drifts as possible, it’s really tempting to make a cast and fish some while moving into position. Trust me, I also have to fight the urge.

Both wading and fishing require full attention. It’s hard to fish properly while being concerned with wading through a stream. It’s also hard to wade properly while being concerned with a drift possibly catching a fish.

It seems harmless to make a drift while moving, but in most cases it leads to a negative outcome. Usually drifting while moving results in a missed fish, a snag, or a tangle. On the other hand, moving while drifting can lead to stumbling in the water disturbing fish, or even falling.

The next time you are on the water, fight the urge. Don’t fish while wading. Wading and fishing are both more productive when focused on separately.

If you are due for some time spent in your waders, the fall is a great time of the year to be on the water here at HomeWaters. Talk to Joel to get in on the action.

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