Fly Fishing Tips: Minimize False Casting

When thinking about fly fishing, it’s easy to picture an angler false casting. While false casting is part of fly fishing, it also is simply just a false cast.

First, let’s talk about why an angler would want to false cast. In most of our trout fishing situations, the only two reasons an angler might need a false cast would be to achieve longer casting distance, or help dry out a dry fly. At times, a false cast will be absolutely necessary to do both of those things.

But even though a false cast may be necessary at times, false casts do not catch fish. When I’m on the water, I try to minimize doing things that do not catch fish. Being more efficient on the water usually leads to catching more fish. In order to be more efficient, I always try to minimize false casts that do not catch fish.

Aside from being more efficient on the water, there are other reasons to perform less false casts. Fly line waving back and forth in the air too much could scare fish in low, clear water. Minimizing false casting helps an angler make a better effort of not disturbing fish, which leads to catching more fish.

Too many false casts also have a tendency to lead to more tangles. Not only are tangles frustrating to fight with, they take away time that could be spent catching fish. Minimizing false casting generally minimizes those extra tangles, or “wind knots”.

The next time you are on the water, try to minimize false casting in order to catch more fish. The fall months are an awesome time of the year to be on the water. Talk to Joel to get in on the action.


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  1. I appreciate all of the information that you wrote here about fly fishing. One thing that you mentioned that I found pretty interesting was that you might need to false casts occasionally to set up yourself up for catching an angler. I have never been a big fisher; however, one of these days, my father in law is planning on taking me out and I do not want to embarrass him. Thanks again!

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