Fly Fishing: Create Your Own Luck

Matt with an awesome brown trout “sight fished” on Spruce Creek last week, great job!

At some point, one angler will usually say to another, “Good luck”. Like many things in life, there can also be a fair amount of luck involved with fly fishing. But, I am a believer that as anglers we can create our own luck.

There are a lot variables that need to come together to catch big fish. Sure, some variables can be controlled, but many cannot be. Anglers cannot control the weather or water conditions, but then again neither can the fish. Although fishing conditions are not under much control of anglers, things such as fly selection, fishing location, or how you fish can be controlled.

Even with all of these variables in fly fishing, a little “good luck” will never hurt an angler. But, like I said earlier, I feel that as anglers we can create our own luck. Why?

Well, a little luck can help anglers be in the right place, with the right fly, fished the right way, and at right time. A little luck could help put a big fish in the net, instead of being broke off in a log jam.

Although, if you decided to go fishing and reaped the rewards of a little luck, it wasn’t really by accident. Spending a day on the water fishing creates the opportunity for a little good luck to fall your way. Every time an angler steps into the water he (or she) has done his part to create his (or her) own luck.

Spending more time on the water will create your own luck. If you are in need of a day on the water, this fall is the perfect time for your next fishing trip.


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