On the Water: Falling Forward

A nice steelhead caught last fall as the leaves were full of color in Erie. Well done Tom!

While fly fishing at HomeWaters recently, it’s easy to sense that fall is fast approaching. Cooler temperatures and crisp air serve a reminder that summer is winding down.

Many of you know that I am a four seasons angler, which means that I enjoy spending time on the water during each season of the year. As we are “falling foward”, let’s talk about a few reasons we have to look forward to the fall fishing season.

1. Fall Weather- Cooler temperatures in the fall make it a refreshing time of year to spend outdoors. Even after a cooler summer like we had this year, the crisp air of the fall stills brings about a unique feel. Fall is the perfect time of the year to take advantage of great fishing, and extra time on the water before the seasons change again.

2. Fall Foliage- The only thing that could rival the vibrant colors of the trout, would the fall foliage in our area of central Pennsylvania. Being out on our water as the leaves are turning is something that I think every angler should experience first hand.

3. Steelhead Season- In addition to the fall trout fishing at HomeWaters, we also welcome the start of steelhead season on our Erie beats during the fall months. Steelhead are a thrill to land as they fight hard, make long runs, and leap through the air. The opportunity to catch steelhead in the fall is something that I look forward to every year.

It’s not to early to think about your fall trout and steelhead fishing trips. Before we know it the fall fishing will be in full effect.

If you need to get your days on the water this fall set up, talk to Joel and he can help you out.

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