Fly Fishing: Seeing Catch & Release Again

It’s no secret that catch and release allows different anglers the ability to enjoy the same fish, but it’s pretty special to see it again.

Last March during a spectacular Blue Winged Olive Day an angler caught an incredible brown trout that I will never forget. In seven years of guiding at the club I had never saw this fish in my net, and it’s size along with unique looks make it easily recognizable.

I was pretty sure that the fish would still be there, but I wondered if I would see it in my net again. In the following January, nearly a year later, another angler caught this fish. I’m sure that our fish move around some from time to time depending on the seasons, but the fish was caught a couple feet away from the spot the year before.

It was pretty cool to see this fish be caught, released, and then surface again nearly a year later. Congrats guys on an awesome fish!

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