On the Water: Stoneflies

A beautiful brown trout that fell victim to a large stonefly pattern last week.

Stoneflies are sometimes an overlooked food group by fly fisherman. However, a stonefly is a large meal that a nice trout certainly does not overlook. Stoneflies can be found in a lot of the HomeWaters streams here in Pennsylvania.

Because stoneflies mostly hatch overnight, they are not always seen by anglers in numbers that represent how many are actually around. If you leave a porch light on during the summer in Spruce Creek, on most nights you will see a couple of stoneflies. Or, if you happen to be looking in the right place at the right time, you might see a few around during the day.

Stoneflies patterns are a lot of fun to fish because they are big. There is just something special about a trout rising to a dry fly that is around the 6-8 size range.

Fishing a stonefly as a searching dry fly can prove successful in the morning, or even throughout the day. Another great option is using a large stonefly pattern in a dry dropper rig to serve as an indicator that could also catch fish.

Like most flies in fly fishing, there about a million different patterns out there to imitate stoneflies. A Yellow Stimulator or PMX (Parachute Madam X) are both good standbys.

Consider giving a stonefly pattern a chance, catching fish on them is productive, and just plain fun. I think you will be surprised how often a large fish will come out of no where to eat a stonefly.

A good time to see for yourself is right now, as the fishing has been great so far this summer. Talk to Joel if you need to schedule your next day on the water.

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  1. You pointed out that stoneflies are food that trout don’t overlook. My fiance really loves fly fishing, and he wants to take me on a trip in the near future. I want to look like I somewhat know what I’m talking about, so maybe I could mention stoneflies as bait for trout to him.

  2. technology has come along and rescued the fly fisherman from the torture of having to wear rubber and other heavy, non-breathable waders. Today, slipping into waders is often no more uncomfortable than slipping into your favorite pair of pants.

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