Fly Fishing Tips: Corqs Strike Indicators

Fly Fishing Tips: Corqs Strike Indicators

Every year it seems there are an increasing number of fly fishing gadgets and accessories to choose from. A lot of these products most anglers could get by with many different substitutes, or just as easily do without.

Several years ago, Corqs were thrown into the list of never ending options of strike indicators. Since then, Corqs Strike Indicators have become a part of my “rigging system” that I use daily. I find it no coincidence that they have found their way into the rigs of a lot of the guides and anglers I fish with also.

In my opinion, what truly sets Corqs apart from other strike indicators of this style is they weigh less. This means that a Corqs Strike Indicator will float a little higher in the water which translates to “cleaner” drifts and higher sensitivity for detecting strikes. They also cast easier and by landing on the water a little softer, disturb less fish.

Another quality of the Corqs that I have come to prefer is the two-tone color options. Natural cork on the bottom half of the indicator looks subdued from the viewpoint of the fish, but the neon top color is very easy for anglers to see. Being offered Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, and Fl. Yellow provides a range of color options to meet different light conditions.

A range of size options allow anglers to pick the best sized indicator for the water they are fishing. The ¾”and ⅝” sizes are usually best for higher or bigger water, and the ⅜” and ½” sizes are usually better in lower or smaller water.

I always carry a variety of Corqs Strike Indicators with me to the water, and under most circumstances they are used in my rig at some point throughout every day. If you haven’t used a Corq Strike Indicator yet stop in on your next trip or give our fly shop a call to add a few to your arsenal.