HomeWaters Fly Fishing: Catching Summer Smallmouth on Poppers

HomeWaters Fly Fishing: Catching Summer Smallmouth on Poppers

If you’ve fished with me before you know that my favorite thing about living in Pennsylvania is being able to have so many great fishing options year round. If you’ve fished with me, you also know that in the summer months there is nothing that I would rather be doing than floating the Juniata River.

The summer months on the Juniata River are the prime months of the year to float in our drift boats, fly fishing for smallmouth bass. During this time the warmer weather and low, clear water conditions of summer are perfect for catching smallmouth bass on a fly rod. Popper fishing is our passion.

What’s a popper? Essentially think of a very large dry fly. Some are made of foam and some are made of cork. They float, are easy to see, and the eats are super visual. When you combine that style of fishing from a level, stable platform while floating in a drift boat, summer popper fishing on the river is an experience that is about as much fun and visually appealing as possible.

The style of fishing is relaxed. Sight fishing is fun. Popper fishing on the river is really about casting and fly placement. As far as a retrieve, it’s more about drifting with pops now and then to draw fish in. The eats can be explosive, but often they are a slow sip that will leave a lasting imprint in your mind. Especially the big fish, they will often examine the fly before they commit. Then after the hookset, the fight is usually a backyard brawl, but that’s a whole other story.

If you have fished with us already, thank you, it’s been a blast and great summer so far. If you are scheduled to fish with us yet this year, we look forward to having you in the boats. If you need to get some dates on the schedule give Gina a call or email; don’t miss out on what, in my opinion, is our best summer time fishing option!