On the Water: It's Summer and the Fishing is Hot

On the Water: It's Summer and the Fishing is Hot

It pretty much goes without saying that it’s been a strange year all around; however, I think everyone can agree that there’s never been a better time to appreciate a day spent on the water. We’ve been on the water daily, and so far this summer has continued to produce excellent days for both trout and smallmouth bass fishing.

This summer season has been warmer and drier than recent years, but we are still sitting in good shape with summer fishing conditions. With summer being the primetime for smallmouth bass float trips, great fishing is to be expected this time of year. However, despite a drier, warm summer, we are also having an excellent summer of trout fishing.

Spruce Creek especially has held up really well so far this summer with higher than average water levels and cold temperatures. With the warmer air temperatures, we are hitting the water a bit earlier and fishing shorter days that concentrate on the most productive fishing hours of the day. While on Spruce Creek in the mornings, it almost feels more like late spring than summer in terms of the fishing. Penns Creek and Yellow Creek are still good options for the summer as well.

Smallmouth bass fishing and float trips are also in full swing on the Juniata River. After having so much high water around the previous two summers, it has been nice to experience relatively normal water conditions on the river this summer. Conditions are in excellent shape for floating the river and anglers we’ve had in the boats have had great days of fishing over the last few weeks. It’s important to note that the best popper fishing of the summer so far was just last weekend. We expect the great fishing to continue in terms of the numbers of fish we are catching and also opportunities to catch trophy smallmouth.

If the warm air temperatures have you concerned about a full day float, we have been getting out a bit earlier and can cut the days shorter if needed. It’s also important to remember that if your membership is based on a certain number of days, smallmouth bass float trips do not count against your days. Our two boat floats that can accommodate up to four anglers have been especially popular this summer. From now until the end of September is the best time for a smallmouth bass float, don’t miss out!

Overall, this summer is continuing to present anglers with multiple opportunities to hit the water for great days of both trout and smallmouth bass fishing. If you need a day or more on the water, give us a call to book your trip!

And to everyone that’s been fishing with us so far this year, thank you, it’s been a blast!