On the Water: Sulphurs, Green Drakes, & Dry Flies for Months to Come

On the Water: Sulphurs, Green Drakes, & Dry Flies for Months to Come

In Pennsylvania, it’s possible to fish 12 months out of the year. Under the right conditions, any of those months can produce the very best fishing we have to offer. However, there are a few aspects of May that make it a special time of year.

Fly fishing during the month of May here in Pennsylvania doesn’t really need an introduction. May is probably the first month that comes to mind for most anglers when thinking about fly fishing a hatch in our area.

Sulphurs and Green Drakes are two of the major hatches during May. If you ask anyone that has experienced a Sulphur or Green Drake hatch on our water, they will tell you it is a must see event. If you haven’t experienced one of these hatches during a trip in May, it’s definitely worth putting on your calendar.

If you love fishing dry flies, but can’t make it here in May there’s nothing to worry about. May is certainly a great hatch month as the fish get used to seeing a lot of bugs on the surface. The great part about this is after the month of May, the fish are accustomed to “looking up”.

What this means for anglers is that while major hatches like Sulphurs and Green Drakes do happen in May, these hatches help program the fish to eat dry flies. Good dry fly fishing continues well after May ends.

May and the summer months to come are a great time of year to fish dry flies, and also nymphs as you would expect. If you are itching for some action on the water, give Joel a call so he can get you fixed up.


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