Smallmouth Float Trips: What Gear to Bring

Smallmouth Float Trips: What Gear to Bring

Some anglers find spring coming to an end as something to be sad about. We do not. While it’s always a shame to see another spring season and hatches come to a close, there are other excellent fly fishing opportunities that the summer season brings to Pennsylvania. 

We get very excited for our peak season, summer smallmouth float trips. Floating for smallmouth bass on the Juniata River is arguably my favorite place to fish. In the summer months from July to September, I spend any free moment I have on the river catching bass.

But what gear should you bring?

This is a question that I get a lot, so let’s talk about it!

The reality of it is, in terms of fly fishing gear you really do not need to bring anything. Andy and I are both fully prepared each day to provide all anglers that fish in our boats with rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, and flies etc.

However, some anglers prefer to fish with their own rod if they have one, and that is fine too. We recommend showing up with a 9ft 8wt (7wt can also work) if you choose to bring your own rod. If you have your own reel/line that you want to bring, a floating line that is suited to fish warm/salt water with bigger flies would be preferred. But again, Andy and I have all the different rods, reels, and lines that you might need and are happy to provide them as we feel we have the best outfits suited to the style of fishing we do.

Fishing gear aside, there are other items that we would recommend you show up with.

  1. Rain Gear – You will likely not need it, but when floating in the boat for the day it’s always a nice option to have a rain coat should a shower pop up.
  2. Sunglasses/Hats – Sunglasses are a must while fly fishing anytime. Hats help cut glare and also provide protection from the sun. Bass fishing can be very visual. A lot of time you will be able to see strikes/structure/fish, and polarized sunglasses help anglers see much better. Sunglasses are also a great way to protect your eyes when casting fly rods.
  3. Water Shoes/Sandals – Getting in and out the boat can be much easier when wearing shoes that allow you the ability to step in the water. Standing in the water is also a nice option when taking a water/lunch break to cool down.
  4. Medications/Personal Items – If there are any medications or other personal items that you want to bring along, there are plenty of dry storage areas available in the boats to keep them safe.

For those of you that fished with us already, thank you; it was a blast! For those of you that haven’t had the chance to try a smallmouth float trip with us yet, the time is right now. Don’t miss out!

We already have quite a few trips on the books, but still have availability left in August and September. If you are thinking about experiencing a smallmouth float with us on the Juniata River, talk to Joel so can he can get you set up!