The 'Launch' of HomeWaters Smallmouth Bass Floats

The 'Launch' of HomeWaters Smallmouth Bass Floats

The start of the summer smallmouth bass float season is finally here. A group of our members kicked off the first float trip of the season over the weekend.

A lot of rain and an excessive amount of high water did it’s job to delay our first several smallmouth bass float trips this year. Last week water levels dropped and cleared to the best conditions we’ve seen so far this summer.

Great numbers of fish and a solid number of nice fish were put in the boat. With the water levels still dropping and not yet stabilized, a variety of techniques worked well throughout the day.

Popper fishing is our passion, and we aim to catch fish on poppers as often as possible. Poppers produced fish well for the guys over the weekend, and a good number of fish were also caught stripping streamers such as crayfish and minnows.

In addition to experiencing an awesome smallmouth fishery, the Juniata is a beautiful river to spend a day floating on with friends. Thanks again for fishing with us Tom, Joe, and Kevin.

With our first smallmouth trip of the summer behind us, we keep the ball rolling with more floats for club members this week. Keep an eye on the weekly stream reports, which will now include a section about smallmouth fishing conditions on the Juniata River.

If you already have a trip booked, we look forward to seeing you on the river. If you are interested in a float trip for smallmouth bass, talk to Joel so he can get you on the schedule.