Consistent Rain, Extra Water, and How it Affects the Trout Fishing

Consistent Rain, Extra Water, and How it Affects the Trout Fishing

2018 continues to be the year of rain and high water. Our creeks and rivers are full of extra water; the fish love it.  Rain continues to fall at a pace so that low and clear conditions have not happened yet this year. Water levels that are higher than average seems to be the norm for 2018.

Usually at some point every year our creeks and rivers reach low and clear water conditions. These water conditions are usually associated with the summer months. Low and clear water conditions can make the fish more likely to spook and present technical fishing situations. As a result, low and clear water conditions can make the fishing a little tougher. Let me repeat myself, we haven’t experienced low and clear water conditions all year.

Since the consistent rainfall this year has kept extra water in our creeks and rivers, it has been an especially great summer to trout fish. If water conditions that are low and clear usually keep you away from trout fishing in the summer, this year there is no excuse.

With so much rain and extra water, the only complaint might be that at times there has been too much water. That’s a pretty good problem to have. Although, I’m never one to complain about conditions, I believe embracing current conditions with an open mind leads to better and more productive angling.

Extra water is great for nymphing and fishing streamers; the only downside is dry fly fishing can be less prevalent. One of the reasons I love having extra water around is it lends itself to creating opportunities at the fish of a lifetime. High water provides a prime opportunity to catch a really big fish with its guard down by nymphing or stripping a streamer.

With favorable water conditions, this year continues to produce great days of summer trout fishing. If it’s been too long since you’ve caught your last trout, talk to Joel so he can get your next trip on the schedule.