Fly Fishing High, Dirty Water: Attractor Flies

Fly Fishing High, Dirty Water: Attractor Flies

It seems if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a 1,000 times. 2018 continues to be the year of rain and high water conditions. In case you missed last week’s post, here’s the primer on fishing conditions lately; Consistent Rain, Extra Water, and How it Affects the Trout Fishing.

Adapting to conditions is a large part of being able to catch fish- day in and day out, regardless of conditions. Our water fishes really well under high, dirty water conditions with the correct adjustments. One of the secrets to catching fish in high or dirty water is Attractor Flies.Fly patterns that are bright, flashy, and promote reaction strikes are usually considered Attractor Flies. Attractor Flies can be vital to catching fish in water that is high or dirty. Attractor Flies are more visible to the fish, and in dirty water fishing a fly that fish can pick out easier usually leads to more strikes.

Attractor Flies that work well for us during high, dirty water conditions are Eggs, San Juan Worms, Sucker Spawn, etc. Other examples of a little less flagrant Attractor Flies could be Hot Spot Pheasant Tails, Rainbow Warriors, Green Weenies, Wooly Buggers, etc.

On most days during high or dirty water conditions, Attractor Flies prove to be the most productive method for putting fish in the net. Pick an Attractor Fly that you have confidence in and stick with it. Focus on rigging it correctly, fishing in the right water type, and getting good drifts. On other days during high or dirty water conditions, the fish will still want to eat naturals. Under these circumstances, Attractor Flies can still play a role towards getting the fish to eat your natural offering. Fishing a two-fly nymph rig with an attractor as the top fly, and a natural pattern as the bottom fly can also be very productive. The attractor fly can draw the fish towards your rig, but may actually eat the natural fly.

High, dirty water conditions create a great opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime. Having confidence in you flies during these water conditions can make all the difference in the world. Use Attractor Flies to put more fish in the net during high, dirty water conditions.

Fishing conditions for trout this summer continue to be excellent with the consistent rain and extra water in our creeks. If it’s been too long since your last fish, this summer is a great time to take advantage of time of on the water. Talk to Joel to get your next day on the schedule.