On the Water: Clover Creek

Our section of water on Clover Creek can often be overlooked. If you like to fish unguided, you will definitely be interested in fishing this unique beat that is “guide optional.” The creek runs through a beautiful piece of property that is quietly tucked out of the way.

I know that some of you are reading along while thinking back to memorable days spent here on the water. For those of you that do not know, Clover Creek is a smaller body of water compared to the other watersheds within HomeWaters. A relative comparison would be that it is a bit smaller in width than our water on Penns Creek.

In terms of water type, there are a variety of pockets, pools, riffles and runs. Whether you prefer slow, fast, shallow, or deep water, the Clover Creek beat pretty much offers it all. I’ll admit, it is a really neat piece of water that I enjoy fishing.

Smaller creek width, well-kept ground, and little to no wading make Clover Creek very user friendly. A shaded pavilion with a picnic table provides a great spot to eat a sandwich or sit down for a bit.

While Clover Creek is not as close by as Spruce Creek or the Little J, travel time is only a little over 20 minutes from HomeWaters. Close proximity makes it easy to fish Clover Creek for a half or full day during your stay.

If you have never fished Clover Creek, consider giving it a try during your next day fishing unguided.

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  1. my family has fished clover creek for three generations. we always enjoyed the location known then as the widows farm its located on the upper stretch , my father and i are planning a trip to fish it possibly for our last time its been twenty plus years since we last fished for the big browns in the undercuts. could anyone provide us with information as far as access to this area.

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