Dry Fly Fishing: Fly Floatant

A nice brown trout caught with a dry fly on Penns Creek during a father-son trip. Well done Peter!

Rising fish will quickly remind anglers the importance of having a fly that floats well. It’s very hard to keep a dry fly floating on the water without the use of fly floatant.

Since I’m often asked about which type of fly floatant I use for dry fly fishing, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss that answer here on the HomeWaters Blog. Especially with all the dry fly fishing that will take place this spring and summer.

There are many different products available in today’s world of fly fishing that could be used to help a dry fly float. When it comes to fly floatant, I keep things simple by only carrying Gink and Frog’s Fanny.

Gink is a light paste gel that is meant to be dabbed and rubbed gently to dress a dry fly in order to help keep the fly from getting wet. Frog’s Fanny is a powder that is a dessicate for drying flies, and is worked into a fly with an applicator brush.

On flies that are tied with CDC I exclusively use Frog’s Fanny to keep them dry. On flies that are not made of CDC, I apply Gink to the fly prior to making a cast. After the fly sinks from fishing awhile, or catching a fish, I will then use Frog’s Fanny to dry out the fly so it floats well again.

By having both Gink and Frog’s Fanny it will be possible to keep any dry fly floating. The next time you need a dry fly to catch rising fish you will be glad you are well prepared with fly floatant.

If you are in need of fly floatant, or some time on the water, talk to Joel in the fly shop.

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