On the Water: Yellow Creek - Lower Big Meadow

Looking upstream at some of the “new water” created by log structures and rock deflectors placed on the Lower Big Meadow.

If you haven’t fished the Lower Big Meadow beat on Yellow Creek recently, you might be missing out on a great opportunity to fish “new water”. Thanks to a stream project at the Lower Big Meadow during the summer of 2015, there is plenty of “new water” to experience.

Members that have fished the LBM in the past can recall favorite spots such as the pool by the willow tree, or the riffle by the picnic table. Not to worry, many of the best holding spots on the beat were relatively unchanged, and fish similar to how they have in the past.

The stream project created many new riffles, runs, and pools in places that previously were not very productive water. For example, can you remember the long silted flat at the bottom of the beat where we park? Instead, that section is now comprised of several riffled pools with rock and log deflectors.

An example of a “new riffle” on the Lower Big meadow.

If you haven’t ever fished the Lower Big Meadow, there is no better time to start. If you haven’t fished the Lower Big Meadow since the stream project, come take advantage of fishing “new water”. Thus far, the Meadow has received rave reviews from both members and guides.

Lately we have more than our fair share of beautiful weather and the fishing has been great. If you need some time on the water, talk to Joel and he can help you get your “fix”.

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