HomeWaters Fly Fishing: Brood X Cicadas 2021

Over the last several months there has been a lot of chatter about the Brood X (10) cicadas that are emerging across 15 different states, including Pennsylvania, this year. The last time that this 17 year brood emerged was in 2004. It’s time to discuss Brood X Cicadas in terms of fly fishing at HomeWaters.

Different broods of periodical cicadas hatch in different regions of Pennsylvania in different years. Due to the club having water located in different regions, multiple broods of cicadas cover our different watersheds. This means at HomeWaters we WILL have the opportunity to fish Brood X cicadas this year, but not everywhere.

It’s important to note that Brood X WILL NOT cover our water in Spruce Creek or Penns Creek. We will not see that brood of cicadas emerge again until 2025. The good news is that it is really not all that far away.

Even better news is Brood X cicadas WILL emerge on our water located on Yellow Creek. As a club member, your best shot of Brood X cicada fishing this year should be in June on our Yellow Creek beats.

Late spring and early summer is often a prime time of the year to fish Yellow Creek on any given day. With Brood X cicadas scheduled to emerge this year, Yellow Creek will be a place that is well worth considering for a trip in June.

This is your early warning so you do not miss out on an experience this year that only happens on Yellow Creek every 17 years! Give us a call to get your trip on the books!